Big Data,
Artificial Intelligence
& Precision Healthcare

Thursday May 31, 2018

8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


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South San Francisco
Conference Center

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Personalized medicine seeks to use genetic variation to develop new diagnostic tests and treatments and to identify the sub-groups of patients for whom they will work best. This approach can also help determine which groups of patients are more prone to developing some diseases and, ideally, help with the selection of lifestyle changes and/or treatments that can delay onset of disease or reduce its impact.

This year, we focus on the enormous potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in leveraging large data sets and electronic health records to revolutionize healthcare, enabling precision medicine, breakthrough treatments, and an extended healthspan. We consider the computational and biological principles, clinical and drug development applications, the business potential, and the regulatory, privacy and ethical implications of personalized medicine in the age of AI and Big Data.

Big Data, AI & Drug Discovery | Business Development Opportunities in AI & Big Data | Mining Electronic Health Records | Disruptive Technologies | Mining the “Omics” | Regulating AI | Impact of AI & Big Data on Health Economics | Ethical Issues in AI | Access to Information & Your Data

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Harvesting the fruits of molecular genetics
for a Third Millennium medicine
Unleashing the power of preventive medicine
Stratifying human disease

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Personalized Medicine — The Time is Now



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